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The main purposes of the Missouri Conference are to further cooperation among AAUP chapters in Missouri and to promote the principles and policies of the AAUP within the State of Missouri. Those principles and policies include promoting the interests of higher education and scholarly research; protecting academic freedom and tenure; facilitating cooperation among all facets of college and university communities in shared governance; and advancing the standards, ideals, and welfare of the academic profession.

Membership in the Conference, as in the chapters, is open to all Missouri members of the national Association. Representation is through chapter affiliation. The Missouri Conference is a member of the Assembly of State Conferences (ASC) of the national AAUP.

Chapter Service Program: The Missouri Conference stands ready to aid AAUP chapters and members in any way that it can. If you work in Missouri and do not have a local chapter, feel free to contact any conference officer directly, especially Vice-President John Harms (tel. 417-836-5676).

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The Conference meets at least once annually (recent annual meetings have been in late winter), and at other times as determined by the officers (Executive Council). OUR MOST RECENT NEWSLETTER: Missouri Academe Spring 2015(pdf). We send electronic newsletters now. If you are not receiving your newsletter regularly (twice yearly), please contact MOAAUP president, David Robinson

2015 Annual MOAAUP Meeting, February 28, Lincoln University, Jefferson City:
Panel on MAFS, MOAAUP, and MNEA

Details on this meeting are in the Spring 2015 issue of Missouri Academe Spring 2015(pdf).

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Recipients of the MOAAUP David F. Gruber Leadership Development Award:

In honor of this formidable MOAAUP past-president, and using funds donated in his memory, MOAAUP gives this award to one person per year, to an AAUP member who has made use of MOAAUP funding to develop AAUP leadership in our state. Details on these awards, including photos, can be found in the linked newsletters.

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